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The home front and passive resistance (21/09/22 08:48:27)
    Mobilising 300 000 reluctant soldiers can no easy or quick task now that we know that Putin needed to go to the prisons to find "volunteers" for his disposable army. We also know, and surely the Russians too, how harshly soldiers are treated by their officers. Finally, how many experienced officers are free to train those recruits after the huge losses the Russians have had on the battlefield? There can hardly be a surplus. It seems they have trouble even with sustaining the bare minimum to hold the present positions.

    So any sensible person in the Russian "leadership" would be wise to limit the losses and admit defeat. By far the least expensive option.


    I am sure Zimbabwe or North Korea would be delighted to give asylum to Putin and his people, provided they take along with them enough of the money they have stolen during their reign.

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The home front and passive resistance