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The lid is now off (22/09/22 07:47:58)
    Russians are now protesting in the streets and are being arrested in masses.

    Making protests in the street against the owners of the police may feel good in the moment, but there isno chance of a political gain. Stalin killed people, his own people, by the millions. Putin has had a number of good starts along the same line - and there is no reason to believe that he can be persuaded to become a good guy. So, rioting is some sort of self-sacrifice. The brutal environment of Russian prisons and prison camps is likely to break people. But there is a more imminent risk that people caught rioting will be sent almost directly to the front as part of Putin's efforts to cleanse the last vestiges of oppositional DNA from the Russian gene pool.

    Meeting the police in the street like this is equivalent to going unarmed against the enemyon a battlefield.

    It would be more effective if women only went into the streets. The macho reactionaries in the russian leadership are unlikely to send women to the front.

    People drafted for war service could refuse to turn up. If the police were to forcibly fetch 300 000 reluctant strong men from their families, it would be beyond their capability and capacity. Solzhenitsyn said that if a few percent of the victims had resisted forcibly when the NKVD camefor them, then GULag would not have been possible.

    Another matter is: The munitions industry - from artillery shells to uniforms - woulddepend on a collaborating workforce. Refusal tocollaborate would be dangerous. Clumsiness, however, can still happen, specially if one becomes nervous by thinking about the war all the time.

    So - active resistance on one's home turf only,specially if one can outnumber the police and avoid shooting (where the police will always win). Passive resistance elsewhere.

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The lid is now off