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Fertilisers (23/09/22 10:02:18)
    António Guterres ask for lifting of the sanctions against Russian fertilisers. Otherwise there will be too little food in the world for all those mouths that need to be fed.

    Of course he is right. Food production is suffering from the economic warfare running in parallel with the military one. Large countries with poor populations need low-cost food to survive.

    I think there should be a condition.

    The war has exposed a worldwide lack of sustainability - or some sort of sustainability depending on massive use of fossil fuel (gas for feeding the Haber-Bosch process with hydrogen) and minerals (potassium and phosphate).

    He could begin with urging the Pope to lift the ban on contraception. Other religious bosses could be pressured too. The world is full. God's order to fill the earth with people has been fulfilled.

    Now is the time to act.

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