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Environmental crime affecting the world: a new ozone hole (10/07/18 17:57:29) Reply
    One of the problems is that big crimes go unpunished.

    Chinese manufacturers are now using Freon12, CF2Cl2 - ozone layer destroyer - for blowing polyurethane foam.


    I want an international outcry with harsh demands for prison sentences for the responsible.

    So do others

    ""It is critical for the government of China not to treat these as isolated incidents," said Avipsa Mahapatra from the EIA.

    "We want them to clamp down but it's supremely important for them to carry out a comprehensive investigation into the sector. It has to result in seizures, it has to result in arrests so that people know there are harsh penalties for the production of CFC-11.""


Re: Environmental crime affecting the world: a new ozone hole (11/07/18 15:02:13) Reply
    Not nice at all, lets hope they do something about it... theres bound to be a cheaper safer alternative to CFC's

come again

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