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Smart cities in Korea and Norway: global multiculture for the future (26/09/19 11:30:28) Reply
    It seems that cheap and powerful electronics may help cities save on energy consumption, traffic regulation, transportation, home environment. I read the other day of a Korean techie who came to a Norwegian conference about smart cities. There is already some experience in Korea, where advanced solutions were installed, but user acceptance was low.

    Her comment was that the introduction was top-down, and people were reluctant. She wanted to learn about the Norwegian bottom-up approaches.

    Hmmmm, I thought to myself. But maybe.

    In Korea, I believe, there are plenty of technically educated people in the powers-that-be - in politics as well ad in the huge technology conglomerates. In Norway they are glaringly absent among politicians. We are burdened with social scientists and career politicians as rulers. So putting technology to work needs to be bottom-up. Acceptance comes naturally by grapevine spread.

    I know nothing about Korea. But it would not be surprised if Koreans and Norwegians both try to ignore the politicians in their own special way: In Korea by being reluctant towards forced implementation of expensive technologies; In Norway by trying to save time and money by discovering and implementing technologies before the government find out how to tax them.

Re: Smart cities in Korea and Norway: global multiculture for the future (01/10/19 10:13:32) Reply
    In Norway they are glaringly absent among politicians

    Yep, the same here in Germany. Which leads to uninformed and wrong decisions, not only in the field of city planning, but also in lawmaking (mass surveillance, "hacking laws", ...).

    The most remarkable example lately perhaps was the EU copyright legislation, promoted by the German MP Axel Voss - who obviously didn't really grasp what he was doing there. In the process, the Pirate MP Julia Reda who stronly opposed the proposed legislation, was openly attacked by Voss and his troops.

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