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Sustainability (23/10/19 13:10:54) Reply
    It's a buzzword, and the reactionaries hate it. The progressives shy away from defining it. I think sustainability must be defined with a view to the result: a planet where people live in peace and prosperity together and towards the organic and inorganic world, and in which all plans of destructive activities are balanced by a plan for repair.
    We should be there in 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 years, and we must start before we have runaway thawing of the tundras and devastating flooding of the oceans with meltwater from arctic and antarctic glaciers.

    Zero-growth of human population will be necessary. We need to break the unholy alliance of religion and power building: The earth is full (that's to the religious). Breeding for the sake of cannon fodder is just cruel (that's to the politicians).

    So: Abortion, contraception, same-sex marriages, masturbation must be acceptable everywhere. Mifepristone and misoprostol must be available without prescription at no cost or just a nominal cost in all countries, and women of all ages, not just reproductive age, must be allowed to buy them.

    It will be a struggle. The first step would be to finance ramping up of production of the abortion drugs.

Re: Sustainability (24/10/19 11:14:25) Reply
    "So: Abortion, contraception, same-sex marriages, masturbation must be acceptable everywhere. "

    so you basically sayin that people should have a choice because it serves a higher purpose?

    funny. im pro choice, any choice, for no reason at all but my choice to have free choice :D

    "...and women of all ages, not just reproductive age, must be allowed to buy them." - now that kinda crosses a few lines. not going to say which... as a pharmacist im guessing you know all too well.

Re: Re: Sustainability (07/11/19 08:08:50) Reply
    Some politicians are so full of their own personal agenda that it is a waste spending time to persuade them, and so unreliable that bypassing them is necessary. The best would be to have them replaced - but that's unrealistic.

    The recent meeting of Xi and Macron is promising - and IMO it shows that Trump - in this area too - has weakened the relevance of the USA in world. Strengthening his ties with the religious right just consolidates a position in the camp of countries ruled by religious reactionaries. This, of course, does not prevent in-fighting in the religious camp, which has a number of very serious humanitarian, environmental and economic consequences.

    Navigating is difficult in this complex mix of reactionaries, tyrants, money grabbers, sociopaths, idealists and saints. But letting the reactionaries have their way without resistance is an infallible path into ruin.

Re: Re: Re: wrong thread? (n/t) (19/11/19 18:17:59) Reply

Re: Re: Re: Sustainability (25/11/19 20:29:59) Reply
    These days great fields are densely interconnected. Too often a field is discussed in isolation even though it is connected.

    A smallish matter from my local area: The water supply has not grown in parallel with the population increase. So we are asked to conserve water (very good water, actually: first-class drinking water in the tap - so using it for lavatories and irrigation is a waste. Besides, the carbon footprint of making even our clean surface water fit for drinking is considerable.
    We have a recycling system for plastics, too. We are asked to rinse the plastics with tap water to make it ready for recycling - otherwise it will need to be burned for energy. So - where is the compromise? Nobody has told us. I for one have no idea.
    Or we have the much larger matter of sex, respect for women, overfertility, family values and religion, same-sex unions and activities. All I see is lobbyists who ignore the side effects of their policies. From the Pope and POTUS and downwards.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Sustainability (29/11/19 09:49:53) Reply
    >> So - where is the compromise? Nobody has told us. I for one have no idea.

    hm. surely we can use our heads and hands and get to that information.
    our conclusions may differ though.
    i for one am very much against pet recycling. go ahead, ask me why...
    but better yet, tell me why pet recycling is good...


    as for inter-connectivity and such, well...
    have you heard of stewart brand?
    like all overly complex projects, this too needs to be split into manageable modules, otherwise its just a mess of slogans with no real solutions in sight.
    pope and potus are quite irrelevant to this imo.


    i had a much longer post in mind but i have to go tend to the garden...
    have a good weekend.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Sustainability (29/11/19 17:45:56) Reply

    the perfect lyrics (and clip) to clear (make fun of) your thoughts ;)

    nothing has changed

    as it was, it is today
    as it is, will be once more

I feel the pull of the rope: let me off at the rainbow (n/t) (23/12/19 19:18:55) Reply

come again

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