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good solstice to all (22/12/19 03:13:36) Reply
    May the dawn of the new year find you all well and joyous

    here's to another go 'round the sun me hearties


Re: good solstice to all (23/12/19 19:14:45) Reply
    Thank you so much for posting.

    In these days of social media and The Register with its commentary fields, ebmb will never regain its glory. I have kept it in the hope that it might serve as the last remaining meeting point of the old gang. It is a matter of health.

    God jul til alle (merry Christmas to all).

Re: Re: good solstice to all (21/01/20 09:02:54) Reply
    Is there a place such as mailing lists, irc channels, forum, etc. where you still meet? Or that you suggest to have a look?
    Where people is migrated?

Re: good solstice to all (27/12/19 02:49:04) Reply
    love to you +forseti and +e

Re: Re: good solstice to all (28/12/19 22:13:33) Reply
    Happy birthday, illbran.

Re: Re: Re: good solstice to all (26/02/20 17:35:18) Reply
    Thank you e.

    It was a good day.


sundown in the forest (29/12/19 03:44:12) Reply

    bilibin was here, we had some russian black tea with berry jam :)

    ahoy illbran m8 - how have you been?


silent night (06/01/20 07:39:05) Reply

    it's chilly in the forest, but bright moonlight about.

Re: silent night (26/02/20 17:40:53) Reply
    It's a braw, bricht, moonlicht nicht


    Ya ken?

    Got a friend from Glasgow who has lived in London for 20 years. Still can't understand a fucking word he says: Ah jhib ah moo ah gech a gach a moodaly fuddly. Kind of thing.

    I have to keep asking him to repeat himself.

    Funny thing is, I understand him when I'm drunk, which may be a pointer to other things...

Re: Re: silent night (26/02/20 17:41:43) Reply
    Oh, btw, his name is 'Ken' as well.

    Ya ken?

Re: silent night (26/02/20 17:46:24) Reply
    Astounding photo btw. Looks like a render.

    I like the long exposure and slight trail of stars.

    I've been thinking of getting in to astrophotography myself, but it's pretty expensive. Have other toys to buy.

    I did however get a parting gift from my brother in the form of a Newtonian 6" Reflector. I went a bit hog wild with buying Eye Pieces for it (you know, lenses?) eh eh ;-).

    A 6" Reflector is an excellent starter's scope and is a pretty good all rounder.

    The way you have framed the shot is ideal.

    You certainly are a talent +f.

aye ken (13/03/20 06:13:38) Reply
    that pic of the church could be the most technically perfect pic I've ever taken, it's nuts, tbh. I went down to recreate the snowy church scene and it stopped snowing and the moon came out, i was freezing and I got that pic by some miracle, angle of moonlight just right, focus perfect by chance. Truly serendipity.

    I'm glad you didn't kys, m8 - I'll be back to talk more

    You still making music, by the way? Linky?

    Anyone reading this in a city should consider getting out asap, btw ( friday 13th march ) and stay away from crowds

    here are some more pix, hope you like em as much as I do:










oh and (13/03/20 17:47:30) Reply
    let's be honest, the lens and camera are responsible for the astounding clarity in that image. Not that I didn't press a button, but that was my contribution. I do appreciate being able to use such tools as I have, grateful beyond measure to be sure, but the real talents are contained in the centuries of wisdom embedded within the lens and camera. Remarkable, really.

    Oh... and get outta dodge.

stars (13/03/20 06:24:33) Reply
    yeah I see blokes make images of nebulae and it's just crazy. Expensive, too, the tracker is the key, and patience to make multiple exposures with the color filters etc.

    Sorry to hear about your brother, man. Lost mine back in 97, never quite the same since.


come again

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