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God jul. (24/12/20 20:00:41) Reply
    The midwinter celebration (Northern hemisphere) is over us. May everyone have a better_than_everyday experience, wherever they be and whoever they be, specially those who are in a difficult situation because of war, poverty, lockdown. And may 2021 give a return to bearable conditions for those whose lives are put on hold, or worse.

Coronavirus “Plague Island”: Media Uses Xenophobic Anti-British Cartoon to Depict COVID (25/12/20 14:11:38) Reply

    “Plague Island”: Media Uses Xenophobic Anti-British Cartoon to Depict COVID

    Despite condemning President Trump for calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus,” foreign media outlets are using a xenophobic anti-British cartoon to depict the virus while referring to the UK as “plague island.”
Paul Joseph Watson

Re: Coronavirus “Plague Island”: Media Uses Xenophobic Anti-British Cartoon to Depict COVID (29/12/20 19:19:29) Reply
    And that is where you can see the difference between China and the UK. China with its "strong" government caring so much about the opinion of the world. The UK some kind of democracy where not many actually do the same. Compare George Mikes' "How to be a Brit" - when on the Continent the French the German and the rest were arguing about who is the best the Brits weren't - they knew they were :). So they are for a long while in a post-nationalistic phase. They actually love to figure what's wrong with them ( also the banter culture which is hardcoded ). Also love to laugh AT stereotypes. So while something like this could make China officially scream and cry, the British would get a good laugh out of it - while also not giving a fuck about anybody's opinion.
    You supposed to be able to take banter. One successful person in the UK is a German stand-up comedian whose whole show is about telling the Brits whats wrong with them. He is loved respected and can make a living out of it. Where can you imagine the same? A frenchman making standup in Germany about whats wrong with them? A Finn in Sweden? Now the BAD thing about the British is that while they rejoice if someone points out some of their shortcomings, they don't think about changing their ways much. Yeah this is what we are like! Well maybe another hundred years...


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