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hey e, your thoughts on the pfizer vaccine please... (n/t) (30/01/21 18:20:01) Reply

If and when I get the offer, I will receive it with thanks. (n/t) (20/02/21 00:00:04) Reply

Appreciate your answer (21/02/21 21:08:45) Reply
    I got the first vac on the 7th of last month as soon as 45+ were eligible and the second 21 days later.
    So did my parents and wife.
    The second dose was though. I had 39c for 24h and swolen lymph nodes. It passed, i dont complain.
    I was just asking bcoz i cant seem to understand why half the country are refusing this GIFT.
    any insights? Tehnical or otherwise?
    At any rate, hope you ALL get vaccinated soon!
    I have absolute faith confidence in science!
    Really, seriously... how can can you not trust ppl that worked relentlessly to produce a cure... or at least a temp working solution. Heck, id even take the sputnik... nvm me, im just depressed (and a little drunk) as always...
    Hugs to all!

Re: Appreciate your answer (21/02/21 21:13:26) Reply
    And im also dissapointed by the EU management of all this just as i hate that mh PM is "responsible" for our vac. I HATE politics. Wish the world would be just slightly "better" or "above this"... sigh..

come again

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