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hi there (02/07/21 20:19:39) Reply

    this reminded of some distant past.. and Lila, and this place..


    have fun

hey svd (05/07/21 18:11:55) Reply
    good summer to you and family, hope you are all well. it's been too long.

    social media is and always likely was der "Schild und Schwert der Partei".

    kill your smart-0-phones - they are agents of the state. and the alexa and the nook and the ring-doorbell and all the rest of 'smart' spider-net of things.

    keep away from the S1 subunit spike protein in ANY form ( including people who have had the experimental injections and may be shedding their self-assembled spike proteins or mRNA assemblers. )

    ivermectin seems to be a remarkably powerful weapon against sicknesses

    love from the forest - all a-bloom and fragrant in the glorious splendor of the creator.



may be shedding, seems to be a remarkably powerful weapon (12/08/21 19:34:50) Reply
    Give us hard evidence, please: Measurements with adequate methods and controls - and a plausible mechanism, and approved and adequately powered published clinical trials.

Re: hey svd (12/08/21 19:57:25) Reply
    If vaccinated persons do shed spike protein (which I don't believe we do), then what harm would there be? Please explain, and again: show me the hard evidence. YouTube videos are not evidence. Show me PubMed listed articles from existing sources.

Re: hi there (12/08/21 19:26:29) Reply
    It's been summer holiday and children and grandchildren and summer and contruction and maintenance and shutdowns and bridging of vacancies and exams and new births.

    The article was interesting, specially that introductory bit about the neurotics who did not wish to have help for their neuroses, after all.

    For me one of the most shocking lesson from the last 10 years of social media is the reminder of how many genuinely disagreeable people there are out there, and how bad they are.

Re: hi there (19/08/21 04:57:23) Reply
    I never thought of the pudding peace as a constitution, but in a way it is.

    The article from 2003! Always something to learn from the classics.

come again

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