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Electrification of the transport sector - battery power (22/12/21 17:17:35) Reply
    Battery-powered cars are becoming more attractive with longer range and with a wider choice of models. In some countries they are topping the sales lists. But how easy it it to find a charger? And what is the carbon footprint of the kWhs needed to get to the next charger? The best car constructions can now swallow 200 kW at 800 V - which means 18 minutes from 10 to 80 percent chargem translated into some 300 km.. With such charging speeds it is possible to travel with an electric car. But filling petrol or diesel is much quicker and gives a markedly longer range.


    High-speed charging limits the useful life of the battery. So the technologies for recycling an end-of-life battery need to be up to demands.


    The nasty and so far unanswered question is the overall lifetime of an electric car owned by a private person. If median lifetime is less than 10 years,I think it willhave to lead to a complete rethink of personal transportation. Will the culture associated with private cars survive 20 more years?

Grids and standalones (24/01/22 10:16:27) Reply
    Building cables for long distance transportation of electric power is a major investment and requires a lot of land, a lot of metal, and conversion plants at both ends - whether AC<=>DC high voltage conversion or just AC voltage conversion. So - how would it be to have just standalone power plants with a surplus reserved for vehicles needing charging of their batteries?

    This model would require a radical rethink of some heavy industries, including industrial methods. For development, implementation and running of such facilities would be needed an army of STEM-educated people and practical technicians - at best educated together and friendly.

    The next task would be to keep the administrative and economic leeches away. For that we would need a return of STEM and labour-type of people into the corridors of power. Not in my lifetime, of course - but now would be a good time to start.

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