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crass, you are still here (17/04/22 15:35:24) Reply
    Ok, few of you.
    Hope you are well.

    Memorys...20 years before...

    Who is alive here too? Jeff? Ilbran?

8-) (n/t) (17/04/22 16:38:21) Reply

<3 :) (n/t) (17/04/22 18:11:08) Reply

Re: crass, you are still here (22/05/22 02:45:49) Reply
    i'm still alive, but dead inside.

    actually that is not true. I have a small flame, some spark of life. Hope dies last.

    it's a wonderful thing to master something in life. lord knows i've fucked up everything else.

    i don't always write these days, though i sometimes read. Hi e :-)

    i'm waiting tonight for someone to die. they are lasting a lot longer than expected, but that is ok. this is a former 'enemy' of sorts. but they have no one else. for all my failings, at least i can love...

    i keep vigil by their bed. bit like that sabbath bloody sabbath album cover.

    as for 'crass', well, you may be more right than you know. or mabye not. i always loved how you always managed to get that one particular word 'wrong', but somehow, so 'right'.

    we have midazolam and oxycodone and lorazepam and haloperidol tonight for our little party. some lucky bastards even got it on tap. me? i'm just takin' it easy. a few beers - 'Peroni' - if you must know!

    that would be all for now.

    eh eh.

    be well friends.

Hi illbran (22/05/22 17:17:42) Reply
    Nice to see you around. We haven't celebrated any birthdays recently. Next time we'll have to do better.

"hello friend" (22/05/22 17:59:16) Reply
    peroni? really?

    there are much better unfiltered beers out there, im sure...

    "midazolam and oxycodone and lorazepam and haloperidol" are for losers.

    sabbath bloody sabbath? i thought we agreed 20 years ago (yes it has been that long!!!) that "fairies wear boots" is much better...

    if you want to, drop me a mail at indigoii at evilcorp...

come again

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