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Henry Kissinger (30/05/22 09:37:04) Reply
    with a record of sitting in a top seat of the tables of those that rule the world, has advised Ukraine to cede territory to Russia to end the invasion.

    I'm an old man of diverse interests, and I have comments (hehe).

    “Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.”
    So Tom Lehrer returned to mathematics.

    Kissinger sees the world from his top seat and thinks nothing of all those people, also Russian-speaking, who now have to live in Russia-occupied territory under bandit rule. They were let down in 2014 (let's not elaborate), but that should not be allowed to continue. But that's been his view all the time AFAIK.

    Let's look at more recent history: He was one of the early supporters of Elizabeth Holmes in that huge biomedical scam called Theranos.


    We know from the proceedings from the court case that there was no possibility for prospective investors of having a look at the technology which we now know was pure fiction. So he did not ask experts. He showed poor judgement and let himself be conned. He used his prestige to persuade others into investing.

    Do we see a parallel?

Theranos (30/05/22 11:14:41) Reply
    At the very surface it could have been possible - the idea of using commercial reagents already on the market with highly enhanced sensitivity (fluorescence instead of photometry) and could show a

    If Kissinger had asked me ( ;-\ ) I would have investigated their purchases of components. One single element - say 10 percent credibility - would have been an invoice from, say


    for photomultipliers or or solid state equivalents, or 340 nm lasers. Without such evidence I'd consider advising him to call the police instead.

hamamatsu - absolutely OT (08/06/22 19:00:35) Reply
    >> https://www.hamamatsu.com/eu/en.html

    yes, i am late. slightly overworked as usual. had a little drink so... ill make a fool of myself, why not...

    blast from the past!

    some 20 years ago (i think...) there was a place we called "the junk".

    the electronic junk that ended up there was mostly of technion.ac.il origin and/or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rambam_Health_Care_Campus

    strange things turned up there. starting with simple things like extremely good quality rs232 cables (lmao, that was a thing) DOUBLE shielded and ending with a radium brick that made my hand hot for several hours - intriguing... im guessing some medical imaging device, hopefully at more than half life (yes, i know it doesnt mean much..)... anyway, a rant in itself.

    but anyway, amongst the things that popped up there were...




    jurassic park anyone? :D

    damn, i have to post it mainly for myself... pardon me...


    i posted a lot on this forum from these machines *wipes a tear*... they were 2gb scsi hds... im almost crying now...


    but ayway, there were strange things there like managed hubs with optical ports, strange (at that time) SNMP devices, which were all useless for me but i bought them anyway and tinkered with them learning a LOT ;)

    but the only thing that actually still works is a specific hamamatsu optic detector.

    that IS AMAZING!

    ill have to search my pdf library to see what the specs are. it was something very specific for a medical stuff. i never used it for a project though :(

    ok, enough!


Re: Henry Kissinger (30/05/22 19:11:29) Reply
    We are - reluctantly, perhaps - accepting being ruled by obsolete-thinking old men. Reactionaries. Money-grabbers. Old-style patriarchs.

    How do we cope - strategically?

    I think we should probe the weaknesses of those mentioned above. What are they afraid of?

    The Talibans are fearing educated women - from elementary school and upwards.
    The putinists are fearing homosexuality (why?) and transgender.
    The trumpist-reactionaries are fearing black women (so anti-abortion in order to keep them occupied as multichild mothers blocking education).

    So STEM education to more women might be a goal.

Macron vs Stoltenberg (07/06/22 10:51:01) Reply
    Macron seems to side, although ambiguously, with Kissinger. Stoltenberg, maybe for the first time, made himself my man for this occasion by pointing out the obvious danger of giving Putin any sort of reward for his criminal policies towards Ukraine.

    And - paradoxically - keeping Boris Johnson might be bad for Britain (it has been, IMO, for quite some time), but good for Ukraine.

    So there are some lights ahead, in spite of all the darknesses.

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