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Laziness (22/06/22 09:50:42) Reply
    There may be rewards involved.


Funny. Partially true. But dead serious. And something OT (22/06/22 10:22:31) Reply
    My definition of laziness: Refusing to carry out some action in spite of demand and desirability and all conditions being favourable. (Typically superiors accuse underlings of laziness. )

    So I invent some new terms: genuine laziness and pseudolaziness. Genuine laziness is defined above. It is an area for psychologists and psychiatrists, I think. Presently it might be hidden in some or other personality disorders – but IMHO the psychiatric terminology is full of euphemisms. Some of that may be rooted in the country of origin: The US of A. Commercial psychiatry does not willingly insult its customers: there is more money in labelling clients as victims of genetics or dysfunctional environments.
    I believe pseudolaziness is much more common than genuine laziness. Maybe laziness does not even exist.

    Some of it is covert aggression

    Passivity, labelled as laziness, may be damaging, sabotage-like, but there is reasonable deniability. The aggression can be explained away by excuses, such as inadequate instruction, insufficient rewards, lack of tools and/or materials, lack of assistance.

    I think we can see some related phenomena in the chaos on European airports these days. But most of it, I think, is because the now missing airport workers lost their jobs during the pandemic and feel little inclination to returning to poorly paid and harassing working conditions in a situation where there is shortage of labour everywhere owing to the war in Ukraine.

    And another: Lithuania has forbidden rail transport of supplies to Kaliningrad. It is an act of aggression, but totally passive. Air transport above EU/NATO territory of course will be controversial and perhaps impossible. We might remember what happened to a civilian passenger aircraft over Donbas in 2014


    or earlier


    Military aircraft, too,

    Swedish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalina_affair

    as well as American


    (I remember this one)

Laziness (22/06/22 10:28:59) Reply
    So apparent laziness may be aggression. It could also be a symptom of underfunding in the widest sense: Lack of talent or education or training, or resistance from the surrounding system. Also: If the task is difficult or risky and failures are harshly punished, then of course the willingness to enter the task will be weak. Underfunding is not a sustainable method, even if it works in single cases and for a while.

Re: Laziness (22/06/22 12:16:53) Reply
    Apparent laziness or incompetence in the lower levels will commonly not be investigated further. One reason could be that it would be too revealing of shortcoming at the higher levels - in the form of deficient strategies, insufficient funding, deficient tactics, and unwillingness to take advice from those in the know. It folows that revisions will be delayed until the system collapses, implodes, disintegrates - and the result may resemble a tabula rasa which may be necessary for a real, and fresh start. In effect it may serve as a purge of corruption, nepotism, pride and lies.

    Ah, we've read our Svejk, haven't we?

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