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Digital delay (03/02/11 18:48:49)
    With landline telephones there is no discernible delay over short distances, so the timing and interaction signals of a conversation can have the same pace as real face-to-face conversations.

    With mobile telephones, I've noticed, the pace is different. The pauses need to be longer, and even polite people risk interrupting and colliding with the person in the other end of the signal lane.

    I've read somewhere that the average novel is longer than it used to be before the electronic word processor, and some of it, I'm sure, is wordiness.

    We see it in administrative documents too. It runs with the label communication, but it's a one-way process. The right thing to do with the stuff is feeding it quietly to Dave Null.

    So digital delays isn't only a problem with telecommunications.

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Digital delay