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Balsam (04/02/11 18:32:17)
    (a soothing ointment for an aching body
    (I didn't know all those chemistries, specially those perfume chemistry bits. hah!)



    Ibsen has a very brief one - and I admire it


    The last guests I saw to the gate
    The last farewells were lost in the wind

    Now tenfold deserted are the garden and the house
    Where sweet music intoxicated me just moments ago

    It was only a party before the dark night
    She was only a guest, and now she is gone.

    and more sinister

    (Arvid Hanssen (1932-98)- local poet and novelist from the North; Senja; just a hundred kilometers or two from Tromsų (you might look it up on Google Maps and look for Gryllefjord)

    - put to tune,
    No, it isn't there. But there's another, from the same record, with the same band and the same singer
    although the pictures are from Gotland in the Baltic sea


    Anyway - it's a few-liner called West Wind. It's about the harsh living conditions - with the Norwegian Sea outside - open to the Atlantic and to the winter storms - which coincide with the best fishing season.

    West Wind

    It is the mode of the West Wind
    He comes so sharply with his boat
    From the ocean

    He comes to every little inlet
    And carries to poor and rich
    From the ocean

    I know for sure he finds his way
    He brings sorrows and joys
    From the ocean

    (It's really too strong for a Friday evening)

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