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Cool down! (13/09/13 15:15:26)
    Okaye, lets dissecate my short answer to Illbran.
    But not only.

    The message subject is for fjr2p.

    Then the black forest is a country reference, I could as well have mentionned about: cuckoo, Which by the way, homonymously means hello in my language.

    Hallo gs!

    Does "High hill!!" mean something? Yes it does! It is a way to greet Illy and telling him that I see him -from here- too far away, too far up, if you will. I regret that, anyway.

    The beating heart thingy was for the tempo.

    Skyping at a cam was the point; I will not be there physically...

    Gosh! all this, for that.

    All you be well

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