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Keeping order (23/02/14 15:54:50)
    I speak only for myself. My preoccupation through years has been about finding what I don't have the knowledge to be looking for and which I don't now that I need at the moment when I first encounter it.

    In my opinion structure imposes restrictions that limits or bars the acquisition of new knowledge. Depends on the level, of course. Elementary stuff needs to be structured - but I hope we are not talking about lementary stuff. So structuring is for keeping order in a closed system including beginners' textbooks. The problem with many textbooks is that they don't contain useful knowledge. I see freshly educated people who can't work because they have no hands-on experience. And I see bosses who have no experience either, and insist that simple tasks be put into agendas and discussed and put on priority lists. It helps little that I offer to finish the entire task within a few days: that's not how things are done.

    I don't believe in The-One-And-Only -Knowledge-Tool. The first and foremost tool, regardless, is having sufficient time to read and understand. No amount of supercomputer chewing of big data can replace that.

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