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Re: sw = an intended FSM, or, the actual thing.. (27/12/17 12:28:03)
    I'm not sure how many percent I understand of that article - it must be single-digit or less. But in a way it is related to a sudden revelation I had yesterday: I reread a passage from Pirsig's Motorcycle. He wrote that an industrial product purchased as parts can be assembled in a large number of ways. He said that there is creativity is at work during the assembly.

    Well - it cannot. It isn't.

    Assembling a kit into a machine is way past the stage of creativity. And if there are layers in the product, then it is essential to do the assembly in the right sequence. If you assemble a computer, it makes no sense to close the box before you have applied the motherboard, CPU, memory modules - or connected the cables.

    I think this passage shows that Pirsig was not really knowing what he was talking about. I also think that I misunderstood him. I saw in him a book trying to reconcile the physical fact-oriented and political-emotional worlds. But in reality - as I see it now - he advocated emotional supremacy. The final stage of this is having Donald Trump as president of the USA.

    In my view (!) there are real physical facts, real physical wrongs and real physical rights. There is no way that rhethorical or political power or strong wills can suspend the physical or chemical or biological laws. Real science sometimes can find loopholes, but that's about it.

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Re: sw = an intended FSM, or, the actual thing..