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Coal (07/12/18 16:34:31)
    Emerging economies, as they are called, are installing coal-fired power stations in great numbers according to my sources. In view of the threatening climate changes this seems like a suicide path for the entire planetary ecosystem. Whatever one may think of the causes so far - increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will be not be helpful in limiting the rise in temperature.

    I know from other areas that obsolete technologies are dumped into poor countries. Production is cheap, there is minimal competition, the buyers are corrupt - so the profits for the providers are satisfactory.

    There is one remedy for this: A ban on building and running of fossil-fired power stations, and with harsh penalties for the guilty (read: prison sentences for ministers and CEOs). For light and cooking in warm countries there should not be a need for continuously-running system like coal-fired stations. Use of modern technologies should be mandatory.

    Quite a few political compromises need to be made. But the people in power are leaders - aren't they?

    Show me.

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