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Re: Coal (15/12/18 17:18:01)
    long time ago, coal in .bg was only imported from ussr. That is, one black sea away. Mined in 2-3-4 physical locations. Half the industry was made to run well/only on that coal - as energy, temperature, or whatever other (repeatable) parameters.

    Then one day there was cheaper coal coming from china. Far cheaper - despite the distance. But.. It almost made some power stations go kaput.. as it was totally different, each ship, and each tank in that ship, and of unpredictable quality/parameters. Turned that it was "mined" by thousands of "uncle lao" families, bag by bag, collected, mixed, sent over.

    btw, the emissions needed to produce one car are 10x more than the emissions it would produce if running for 10 years. And btw, Neither of the consumption of oil-per-kilometer, or the number-of-cars-per-family has gone down. The former may have some marginal improvements in last 50years, but the latter more than compensates for those..

    so i dunno. Producing cleaner energy might be fine, but not needing that energy would be far better, esp. of invented-to-be-wasteful "needs".

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Re: Coal