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Re: Containing COVID-19 (15/03/20 19:17:49)
    Been following this closely since around 14 January and as of now there are 2107 corona virus general threads - 4plebs archive should have most of them. A veritable cornucopia of information, historic stories, videos, images and data. Start at #1. Corona-chan is not just a flu, bro.

    some links

    https://emcrit.org/ibcc/covid19/ - a decent if not quite concerned enough brief.

    https://www.anonymousconservative.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/COVID-19-Virus-Protection.pdf - personal PPE, although to be quite sure you would need a lvl 3 decon station to pass though every time you doffed the ppe, not really suitable for individuals, tbqh - if you're part of a team/squad/platoon sure. Best just stay home.

    the 8 metokur streams ( so far... ) are a good precis of the severity, normalcy bias, inaction and now panic. I'll leave it to dear reader to seek their urls, which are not at all occluded. @ 20 hours of vidja.

    Also the bdanon bio-weapon theory should not be discounted, if only for the fact that he mentioned iran as being infected in december, months before news broke of it there, the multi-strain variants and their severity now being borne out in iran, italy and china and also predicts the infection of the staggeringly massive homeless population of the west coast. That prediction seems right on schedule and certainly will mean martial law. There is an archive of those posts as well for the seeker to find.

    I would urge over-caution rather than trusting the 'experts' who seem to be 2-6 weeks behind the curve just about everywhere, with the notable exceptions of russia, vientam, and possibly singapore.

    The 2nd and 3rd order effects are just beginning. If there is no war from corona-chan it will be a blessed miracle. Stay away from crowds, take care of each other.


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Re: Containing COVID-19