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Thinking is the best way to travel (26/02/21 20:19:47)
    That's IIRC the title of a song by Moody Blues. These days it may be the only possible way. Some years ago The Wife and I were going to our Cabin_by_the_sea, but one of the kids had already borrowed the car, so we had to take the bus. So I went to the kiosk at the bus station and bought Sovjetistan by Erika Fatland. (for translations: Look up Sovietistan or Sowjetistan). She had been travelling in all the Southern former Soviet republics. I found it fascinating, and I know I'm not the only one.This year's new book is called H√łyt (High) and is about her travels in Himalaya. To me it is interesting to see all those different ancient patriarchal societies through the eyes of someone with a background more similar to mine. Specially interesting is the fact that se, being a woman, had access to places and persons that are out of bounds to a man.

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Thinking is the best way to travel