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Re: An afterthought (17/03/21 06:56:57)
    It might be that the DIC patients are specially unlucky: Suppose the injection goes intravenously instead of intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle. From what I have seen - on TV and in real life - the injection is given like this: Penetrate the skin with the needle and press the plunger in a split-second bolus or one-secoond. No aspiration.

    It is very unlikely that the injection goes intravenously. But if it does, it might be held back by the lungs, or some of it might pass to the arterial side of the heart and get distributed with arterial blood to wherever. Or - if there is shunting in the heart - like a minimally patent foramen ovale - some might enter the arterial system without passing the lungs. So the substance might settle in small vessels and initiate clotting by producing antigen in places where it induces clotting and where clotting becomes a runaway process. Not like in the deltoid, where it is confined to the muscle and any clotting can be limited and harmless.

    Statistics and epidemiology cannot explain rare events.

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Re: An afterthought