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Investigation (AstraZeneca vaccine) (20/03/21 09:39:37)
    It seems the coagulationists amd platelet people have found platelet-activating antibodies. They attribute the thrombotic complications to them.

    I learnt from another source that the clinical picture of the victims was - unusual - if there is such a term. The victims had thrombosis of venous sinuses of the cranium
    and in deep abdominal veins.

    Venous thrombosis is most commonly associated with leg muscles, extending into the pelvis.

    Now even the UK has reported such cases, even though they denied seeing them at first. It is explainable: Vaccines have been inject-and-forget types of drugs, in contrast to other drugs, where there is follow-up by the prescriber. It is typical that the Norwegian cases were previously completely healthy health personnel, with a short communication pathway to the reporting system.

    A serious vaccine manufacturer with a long-term commitment would already be in the process of refining the composition of the vaccine to eliminate the danger hotspots of the antigen RNA.


    It bring to mind a side effects emergency of the nineteen-seventies. I was a student when Eraldin (practolol) was launched as the first cardioselective beta blocker - by ICI, later known as Zeneca. It was withdrawn from the marked because of severe rashes in the palms of the hands, and destruction of tear glands and maybe salivary glands IIRC. In the wake of this withdrawal, two new cardioselective betablockers were introduced: ICI's Tenormin (atenolol) and Astra's Seloken (metoprolol). They were competing fiercely, and there was a balance for many years. One Astra representative leactured at a congress that Astra had synthesized practolol at an early stage, but decided not to follow it up because they saw one side chain details as a possible focus of dangerous metabolic activation. Just rearranging a few atoms eliminated the reactivity, and metoprolol is still going strong. The Astra people (Swedes) obviously were better at drawing board toxicology than their UK competitors.

    A university is not set up to maintain a product. Academics are set up to publish - or to say it irreverently: they go for likes and get rewarded for likes. If I were to choose a partner for vaccine development, I would rather choose a startup with good people than a university institute. The culture is widely different.

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Investigation (AstraZeneca vaccine)