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Off/on topic: Xenotransplants (20/04/21 08:49:40)
    If I have understood correctly, the AZ vaccine uses a virus capable of infecting chimpanzee as vector for the RNA - in contrast to the Janssen vaccine and the Russian vaccine. Chimpanzee viruses of course never enter the human body normally - even hugging won't do.

    I admit that I am far behind on this topic: I read up on it about 20 years ago when I had my compulsory year of internal medicine together with some of the now famous people.

    If you wish to genetically modify a pig to deliver kidneys for transplantation into humans, the first thing to be tried and tested was tissue compatibility antigens: change them from those of the porcine species to the human variety. First, of course, they tested the principle - harmonising HLA and blood type between donor and recipient, then transplanting. Wht could go wrong when the targets for the immune reactions were taken away?

    What happened, was that the tranplant triggered the coagulation system of the recipient, so the donated organ clogged almost instantly.

    So - what does this vector do with the levels of coagulation activation in the recipient? Tests have shown an increasing bleeding tendency in recipients of the AZ vaccine, suggesting that a subclinical event related to the catastrophic clogging is far more common than the clinical cases leading to death.

    If this is even remotely relevant, it might mean that the Janssen vaccine may have a future even if the AZ vaccine will have to be scrapped (eventually). But in countries heavily hit by the virus the risk of the AZ vaccine seems minimal compared to the dangers associated with living inside a cloud of infectious material, such as in the slums of big cities.

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Off/on topic: Xenotransplants