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A digression if I may, but not a battle of genders (22/05/21 20:47:28)
    that is an interesting topic.

    Women had rough times, and obviously should be celebrated, after all, "L'Origine du monde" ce n'est pas?

    One thing that I can't wrap my head around is the current climate around diversity, hiring quotas, and promoting women to "leadership positions" when the reality is that old white men, are and will be at the top. Hiring has been a checkbox political exercise, and meritocracy is failing at large, with some bad actors taking advantage of that.

    As a real-world example I was in place(private company) where we HAD to hire women which compared to other candidates weren't as good, for the sake of quotas(I admit some fields are male-dominated)

    I'm not sure how we got here, and what happened, but women were very prominent in science and tech: Ada Lovelace, Caroline Lucretia Herschel, Grace Hopper.

    I just think that today we are treating the symptoms and not addressing a bigger and more profound root cause. On a positive note, I've seen an attempted pivot to try to engage women early in their formative years in school in those areas. Culture and education play a big part, and as somebody said, culture eats strategy for breakfast, so let's see what happens.


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A digression if I may, but not a battle of genders