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An old discussion from Sri Lanka (19/12/21 09:15:34)

    With the ultimate victory in May 2009 over them, the government should have immediately taken steps to keep its promise of a political solution. Instead the military was further strengthen and more resources provided to the military than was providedReply during the war. Demobilization of the army was never considered. The North is now virtually under a military siege. What is happening there does not reach the media due to the grip the state has over reporting of such incidents. It wont be long before a more virulent form of militancy germinates in the North which continues to be ruled with an iron fist by this Government in the manner the LTTE was alleged to have done when Jaffna was under its control.

    Cherry-picked comment

    The utterances of the Defence Secretary, who has forgotten that he is holding an administrative position, shows that he has assumed himself to be the Defence Minister. He has usurped all the powers of the Army Commander and the Inspector General of Police who are now mere figure heads. This only shows the extent to which the government has been militarized. The manner in which this government is ruling with scant regard to democratic norms makes it imperative that it keeps the military in active duty, involving the army in every sphere of the administration, so that the Government can carry on.
    So in spite of all the valid arguments of Mr. Weliamuna, this government will use the military to keep itself in power. Democracy, the rule of law and good governance are all things of the past. What we have today is a kind of martial law. The sooner the people realize this the better it is for the country. Or will the country have to wait for years as in Egypt and Libya before the regime is thrown out lock stock and barrel ?

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An old discussion from Sri Lanka