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Showing me or telling me? Succinct or verbose. (14/01/22 09:15:23)
    In news media - specially radio and TV - I am presented with interviews - often repeated several times. Most of them can be summarised in a few words - and they are not by far important enough to require repetition. It is verbose raw data instead of a succinct summary. In more scientific types of programs there are quite a few repetetitions that are unnecessary for the attentive watcher - but necessary for the sorry lot that has to endure the interpolated commercials.

    I think Fravia's supermarket marketing essay could serve as an introduction for adults. But the real worry is that the structure threatens the ability of children to developing a long attention span, or real understanding of written, non-illustrated text. How many twelve-to-fifteen-year-olds are big consumers of books nowadays compared to, say the 1960s? And - as a control: What do animated movies and computer games give as replacement for the internal pictures obtained through reading Huckleberry Finn, or Treasure Island?

    Methinks the power games played at the physical supermarket are not the frontline any more.

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Showing me or telling me? Succinct or verbose.