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Re: Re: Re: Web 3.0 portknocking (14/01/22 15:06:47)
    ashamed to say i didnt know about port knocking until a few weeks ago.
    i must admit that before reading your post the thought about using it as a backdoor/exploit havent entered my mind (yet!).
    anyway, i think most implementations are simply too complicated for my needs.
    moxie0 one is the closest to my needs but...

    my setup (just in case anybody cares :) is like so:

    a raspberry pi running apache and motion(2 cameras)
    eth0 is connected to a router.
    wifi is in AP mode with various clients such as wether station, sprinklers, wifi security cams, other sensors etc... (sortof a "smart home")
    both legs are isolated by proper iptables rules and access from the outside world denied (i was getting ddosed from china and iran almost on daily basis)
    at this point im considering attaching a sim module and just controlling the whole thing from telegram/signal or similar (sms is so annoying)
    so i guess if i go that route then i would simply disconnect eth0 and avoid the whole knock thing.
    otoh this would limit my access to motion.
    then again, my main need when on the road is to control the sprinklers and pull sensor data so...
    we shall see...(unless you have a better idea)

    sorry for all the useless details, its friday and im a little tipsy ;)

    anyway, thanks for the blog. worth reading!

    especially this gem: "Sunday I got locked out of Twitter because some random asshole made an harassment complaint because I called him “dumb fuck” and “dumb idiot”, pretty normal things around my feed."

    lol. and ppl say im rude. almost makes me want to start a rewatch of mr robot...(not gonna quote, not gonna quote... well something about facebook and the hunger games ;)

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Re: Re: Re: Web 3.0 portknocking