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Re: Rare breed  (16/01/22 08:52:16)
    Indeed. So we have no such talent to lose. I believe the iPad lures quite a few children towards picture media and away from books - and too many have parents who give no resistance. The social scientists tell us that the ability to have a theoretical education runs in families. There might be a genetic component to that one - the reactionaries certainly say so. I believe it is more about background and economy. Someone must set an example, and there must be space and time for reading if there is going to be reading. Public libraries. School libraries. Quiet rooms, away from the noisy and colourful toons of children's TV (or iPads).

    I would love to have a generation of politicians and administrators who really could take in and understand large amounts of information and have sensible discussions about it with the authors - and build compromises between competing ambitions and needs. Only then can we have policies that are agreeable to all reasonable people, and that are needed to solve all the difficult dilemmas presented by overpopulation, climate changes and unfair distribution of wealth.

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Re: Rare breed