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Thank you. (16/01/22 09:55:05)
    My primary school was steeped in Bible - lots of it, but a simplified and soft version with much storytelling from both old and nwe testament, but no threats of hell. Every day the first lesson in the morning started with hymn singing and prayer, and there was prayer or hymns singing at the end of the last lesson.

    In our national history some of our heroes were disobedient, and when I was a schoolboy the labour party, with a revolutionary past (then shedded) had hegemony, so - officially - disobedience could not be treated too harshly. In families it was different, of course. Haircuts for boys were to be according to St. Paul - it was forbidden and strongly punished to try to copy the hair style of The Beatles. So - obedience surely was a thing, only, I suppose, not so outspokenly as in Jewish communities in Southern Europe or Israel.

    I grew up in a small city with a history full of conflicts and compliance and hypocrisy. The pious christians were actually some sort of revolutionaries - drivers in the power struggles against established authority, with the church as the battle ground. The area was lutheran mainland where lay people were forbidden to speak in religious contexts - and with strong connections with - say - the quakers in angloamerica. But they did practice child labour in the canning industry - even the pious christians. Money had priority.

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