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myeah... long rant. the LAST one i swear. (19/01/22 16:28:37)
    not sure about your definition of suicide in this case.
    it is my opinion that in this instance you might say that only a properly informed person is committing suicide.
    i for one wouldnt mind you write suicide on my headstone since i am fully informed and yet i smoke and drink (amongst other self abuse)
    i take full responsibility for that and i am fully aware of the consequences (consequences - not if, but when)
    the uninformed and/or those that are prayed upon because they are in a state of fear/panic, tired, confused etc are being murdered.
    they are doing this campaign on tv of covid survivors begging people to go get vaccinated.
    at the start of all this i used to think to myself, well - idiots. NOW they get it? after being in ICU for months and left with major complications?
    but i was wrong. over the last year i took another look at those people.
    they are all simple working people with a high-school diploma.
    it would be worth pointing out that no one that finished high school here knows what an mRNA is much less understands the inner workings of a cell.
    if you wander the streets of any city here and ask random people what is lysosome or if they know who was panait istrati... guess what?
    its worse than that, even a social worker with first or second degree doesnt have a clue about such things [like my friend]
    and for that matter i am pretty sure even your average software engineer wouldnt do much better.
    startup nation my ass.
    if it wasnt for my parents i would be the same sad product of this shit education system.
    and even worse...
    some doctors were suggesting to wait with the vaccine and see how it all evolves.
    this only gave credit to "opinion shapers" who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about
    and zero training or understanding in the field of medicine to continue to propagate shit ideas amongst the general population.
    i see a failure of the education system, failure of the medical establishment to kick and discipline its own members,
    and a failure on a political level to make the vac mandatory.
    there is too much freedom of "speech" and freedom of "opinion"... so in my book, my friend was murdered by all of the above.
    there are politicians that should pay, there are professionals that should have their license to practice medicine revoked (if not decapitated)
    and there is a +forseti who should turn in his + at the very least.
    but look at that, im doing what i said i wont... post my rant. where is my mind?
    i listened to the piano version of it on my headphone while my better half got the call.
    that one will surely stick with me.
    it will take a whole lot of time for the pain, bitterness and vitriol to become a bitter-sweet memory...
    [insert "ok go - turn up the radio" lyrics here]


    court of law you say?

    He sat back and sipped reflectively.
    “OK,” he said, “hear me, hear me. It’s, like, these guys, you know, are en-
    titled to their own view of the Universe. And according to their view, which
    the Universe forced on them, right, they did right. Sounds crazy, but I think
    you’ll agree. They believe in ...”
    He consulted a piece of paper which he found in the back pocket of his Judicial
    “They believe in ‘peace, justice, morality, culture, sport, family life, and the
    obliteration of all other life forms’.”
    He shrugged.
    “I’ve heard a lot worse,” he said.
    He scratched his crotch reflectively.
    “Freeeow,” he said. He took another sip of water, then held it up to the light
    and frowned at it. He twisted it round.
    “Hey, is there something in this water?” he said.
    “Er, no, m’lud,” said the Court Usher who had brought it to him, rather ner-
    “Then take it away,” snapped Judiciary Pag, “and put something in it".

    [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life,_the_Universe_and_Everything ]

    from the same link to wikipedia: According to Nick Webb, the writer of Adams's official biography,
    he claimed that "Douglas's view of the Krikkitmen would be similar to his view of people who resolutely
    decline to learn what science can tell us about the universe we inhabit."

    [the part about censorship is also worth reading]

    no, its much worse, the semi/half educated people are worse. they think they know something when in fact they know nothing.
    in fact, they often think they know better than the professionals based on dr google.
    i actually think that people should be discouraged from having an opinion about things they know absolutely nothing about.
    is it an [i|u]nalienable right to be able to pull an opinion on something from ones ass or from thin air?
    or invent your own science, scientific truths and even your own method of proof?
    i mean, i have no problem with someone "preferring" the color blue (without need for an explanation),
    but if that said person claimed that the color blue cures cancer...
    we should inject him with cancer cells and then beat him until he is blue enough to check if it really does cure cancer.
    see, a scientific method that should be accepted by any court in this universe.
    so yeah, im ranting again. shrug.


    i did quite a bit of thinking these past 2 days.
    after a few pan galactic gargle blasters it became more of a conference.
    for the most part jm1 did the talking, but at some point jm2 disagreed with him and jm5 kicked jm3 in the shin
    because jm3 thought that maybe we were too rough on +forseti and pretty soon we had a full blown bar fight upstairs.
    after much "deliberation" and "negotiation" the fight ended when one of the jm found an unopened bottle behind the bar.
    at this point i, myself and me had a very coherent post(rant) written down.
    but then...
    what purpose would it serve?
    would it actually enlighten anyone?
    so i scraped the rant (sadly, only to replace it with this one - lol)

    perhaps it is time to get back to a strict diet of practicality instead of inspiration.

    yes, i sometime came around for inspiration. mostly it was a fail.
    but at the rare instances i did find it, it justified my previously wasted time.
    like dumpster diving for a few hours in a nasty filthy dumpster filled with organic trash only to discover a Curta.
    in the last 2 years, besides a few links from svd that actually both inspired and taught me something i cant say it was worth reading.

    therefore i have decided to embark on a self imposed exile.
    and not just from ebmb, i dont watch tv almost at all (besides a few shows on local channel 1 and netflix)
    and i pretty much aggressively filter my online news sources so i wont lose my time and get pissed off to the point i punch holes in the walls...
    i will miss the little gems i found here along the years, but this has to happen.
    i dont want to end up as the creature that feels it has to insult the whole universe and all its inhabitants (in alphabetical order)
    or the person that was given too much truth serum and told to tell the truth, the WHOLE truth [Chapter 33 page 163 https://pauladaunt.com/books/life%20universe%20and%20everything.pdf]

    i was once accused of not being a friend and not polite enough as per the ebmb header.
    my reply was that even some nazis where very polite and civilized while marching people to the gas chambers (they too were entitled to their own view of the Universe (which the Universe forced on them?))
    this really created a disturbance in the ebmb force back then...
    i believe that besides the old scripts (which need a serious update) the whole concept of an open AND unmanaged forum while expecting politeness, is not sustainable.
    not if youre looking for content and inspiration amongst other things. like i said, there is too much freedom of "speech" and freedom of "opinion" and in general "freedom"...
    if the state of affairs change, do let me know.
    in case you need me (for some odd reason, such as continue the discussion on religion if it interests you) you have my email.
    [speaking of religion and at the risk of repeating myself, check out pretty much anything youll find (probably in english and french) by Yigal Bin-Nun]


    i will leave you with the following, which sums it up quite nicely:

    So I stopped at a Jack in the Box on the way here, and the girl behind the counter said, “Hiya!
    Are you having an awesome day?” Not, “How are you doing today?” No. “Are you having an
    awesome day?” Which is pretty… shitty, because it puts the onus on me to disagree with her,
    like if I’m not having an “awesome day,” suddenly I’m the negative one.

    Usually when people ask how I’m doing, the real answer is I’m
    doing shitty, but I can’t say I’m doing shitty because I don’t even have a good reason to be doing shitty.
    So if I say, “I’m doing shitty,” then they say, “Why? What’s wrong?” And I have to be like, “I don’t know,
    all of it?” So instead, when people ask how I’m doing, I usually say, “I am doing so great.”

    But when this girl at the Jack in the Box asked me if I was having an awesome day, I thought,
    “Well, today I’m actually allowed to feel shitty.” Today I have a good reason, so I said to her,
    “Well, my mom died,” and she immediately burst into tears. So now I have to comfort her, which
    is annoying, and meanwhile, there’s a line of people forming behind me who are all giving me
    these real judgy looks because I made the Jack in the Box girl cry. And she’s bawling, and she’s
    saying, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” and I’m like, “It’s fine. It’s fine.” I mean, it’s not fine but, you know,
    it’s… fine. And I would like to order a Double Jack Meal, and I’ve kinda got somewhere to be,
    so maybe less with the crying and more with the frying, huh? [inhales] And the girl apologizes
    again and she offers me a free churro with my meal. And as I’m leaving, I think, “I just got a free churro
    because my mom died.” No one ever tells you that when your mom dies, you get a free churro.

    [ https://speakola.com/movie/will-arnett-bojack-horseman-eulogy-mother-free-churro-2018 ]

    jm takes his churro, nods and silently walks away...

    cant wait to try it on a few things...
    ...and yeah, i should save the last gif on that page.

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myeah... long rant. the LAST one i swear.