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Ah yeah, the moralism (23/01/22 21:49:16)
    There is a lot of pressure here. The public wants quick fixes, and antibiotics, on good indications, do deliver quick fixes - except for mycobacterial infections. So there is overuse when people are heard and doctors do not want to lose business by refusing. The moralists say: Use less. Most infections are self-limited even without antibiotics. It's hard to resist.

    In countries and systems with little resistance, that attitude might be useful in preserving the simpler antibiotics, like phenoxymethylpenicillin. In countries with much resistance, simple antibiotics are useless, and overuse of more advanced ones will accelerate their demise.

    Southern Europe are much worse off than northern Europe.

    So it is a question of attitude, no doubt. But - there is also an urgent need for a lot of new antibiotics and for radical and new strategies for diagnosing serious infections, and radical new and restrictive policies that are actively enforced. For that we need responsible politicians. In Europe we will have to rely on the EU commission. Elsewhere - dream on.

    Maybe - I hate to say it - China.

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Ah yeah, the moralism