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Grids and standalones (24/01/22 10:16:27)
    Building cables for long distance transportation of electric power is a major investment and requires a lot of land, a lot of metal, and conversion plants at both ends - whether AC<=>DC high voltage conversion or just AC voltage conversion. So - how would it be to have just standalone power plants with a surplus reserved for vehicles needing charging of their batteries?

    This model would require a radical rethink of some heavy industries, including industrial methods. For development, implementation and running of such facilities would be needed an army of STEM-educated people and practical technicians - at best educated together and friendly.

    The next task would be to keep the administrative and economic leeches away. For that we would need a return of STEM and labour-type of people into the corridors of power. Not in my lifetime, of course - but now would be a good time to start.

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Grids and standalones