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Re: Re: Anti-vaccination propaganda is killing people. (28/01/22 09:59:44)
    The debate is poisoned. There is no doubt that it is disruptive and is harming our societies.

    There is no doubt that the manufacturers of the successful vaccines are making big money. I think it is clear, too, that the vaccines decreases the impact of the virus on severe illness and death rate from the infection. I think the evidence is overwhelming that the first-generation vaccines give minimal if any protection against transmission. The evidence is good that the mRNA vaccines are safe enough to permit general vaccination: the side effects can be handled.

    Vaccines in general? The yellow fever vaccine is risky.

    The (now obsolete) smallpox vaccine (I've had it at least twice) was no joke the first time I got it. The BCG vaccine? I had a suppurating wound for months afterwards.

    A debate about facts should be based on specific facts - specific to the topic under discussion. Setting up scares about vaccines in general with reference to the worst ones when the vaccines under discussion are documented to be safe is a breach of the rules for a civilised discussion. The fact that well-informed and rational religious people are quiet when religious fanatics are distributing unfounded scares makes them complicit.

    So - in the end: Who benefits? My reply is: Those evil forces who want to destroy the Western democracies.

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Re: Re: Anti-vaccination propaganda is killing people.