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But (05/02/22 14:00:55)
    Beta lactam antibiotics active against Mycobacterium tuberculosis: AFAIK there is at least one special requirement to be met: They must penetrate the thick lipid-rich bacterial wall - so simple penicillins will not do.
    The downside to this is that they are likely to be broad-spectrum antibiotics, so the ecological footprint of a treatment course is likely to be heavy - heavier than the standard anti-TB therapy. Today's and yeaterday's standard therapy: Rifampicin, isoniazid, ethambutol and pyrazinamide - well, the latter three of the four of them are specific against M. tuberculosis. So they do not induce resistance in the normal bacterial flora. Rifampicin is by far the most effective, but just one single mutation, and the drug is inactive.

    So I withdraw my wish for an anti-TB beta lactam. I don't believe it is practical or useful. Sorry.

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