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One-way streets lead to perdition (10/02/22 08:50:48)
    When metallurgy is designed for performance of the product, recycling is no part of the planning. Stainless steel is really luxurious with all that chrome and nickel.

    How do we recycle worn-out adjustable wrenches - either carbon steel with or without manganese or molybdenum steel together with screwdrivers which may be tungsten steel or vanadium steel? How to conserve those precious additional metals?

    Now they either accumulate or are put into landfills or recycled into less precious steels (I suppose). I have no trust in the expertise of the management of scrapyards.

    There is an analogy:
    When some bacteria are treated with macrolide antibiotics, the protein synthesis process is broken off before completion, and the unfinished pre-proteins accumulate because the recycling process cannot cope. In the end there is no raw material available for synthesis of essential products - and eventually the bacterium dies.

    Recycling metals is hard. One way to go is simplifying the offerings. Another is accurate compulsory labelling. And yet another is more specialised recycling.

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One-way streets lead to perdition