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Fluorine in lithium batteries (16/02/22 10:25:40)
    Fires in old lithium batteries are dangerous - not only because of the fire itself, but because of the presence of LiPF6 - lithium hexafluorophosphate.


    "The electrolyte fire will generate substantial amount of HCl, HF, CO, HCN, and potentially SO2 and H2S, depending on the battery technology and the electrolyte technology."


    One can never be sure of the actual 0battery technology when there is a battery fire. Always have in mind that HF is likely to be in the smoke.

    Remaining charge in batteries may be a fire risk too, if batteries are opened or damaged accidentally.

    This means that dismembering of Li-batteries for recycling is for professionals only - working in adequately secured facilities.

    There are articles about it in the open. But the big folks are already there.

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Fluorine in lithium batteries