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We need to start educating the new professionsls (07/03/22 09:06:50)
    There will be an urgent need for technically educated people to dismantle nuclear weapons and recycling the fissile material into innocuous reactor fuel. I've said that before. We also need technicians to build and maintain and run those power stations. We cannot wait for the politicians: they want almost instantaneous results and do not understand that well and specifically educated people are essential.

    To bootstrap this we need the knowledge and competence of Russian top-level nuclear engineers and scientists. Their knowledge will make the task less difficult to get started.

    No reason to forget Andrej Sakharov.
    "Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov (Russian: Андре́й Дми́триевич Са́харов, IPA: [ɐnˈdrʲej ˈdmʲitrʲɪjevʲɪtɕ ˈsaxərəf]; 21 May 1921 – 14 December 1989) was a Soviet nuclear physicist, dissident, Nobel laureate, and activist for disarmament, peace and human rights.[1]

    He became renowned as the designer of the Soviet Union's RDS-37, a codename for Soviet development of thermonuclear weapons. Sakharov later became an advocate of civil liberties and civil reforms in the Soviet Union, for which he faced state persecution; these efforts earned him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1975. The Sakharov Prize, which is awarded annually by the European Parliament for people and organizations dedicated to human rights and freedoms, is named in his honor.[2]"


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We need to start educating the new professionsls