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Let us not forget some of the other dictatorships - I (26/03/22 18:34:34)
    Just these days we heard that the mad dog muslim brigade called taliban have closed all schooling for girls in Afchanistan. These people know that they can only stay in power if they keep their girls uneducated, preferably illiterate, and powerless in a stupid and violent patriarchy.

    The USA - with GW Bush at the helm, screwed up big time. Undermining beats confrontation every time. The simplest undermining would be weaning the opiate addicts of the west from heroin, seizing all shipments, and putting the big dealers behind bars. This includes corrupt politicians, businesspeople and civil service. There is a lot of good policework ahead. Now, after Ukraine, we know that the USA have access to enormous amounts of high-quality intelligence. In future I hope they will share it, or at least close their eyes to potential leaks.

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Let us not forget some of the other dictatorships - I