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Mediastream overload. Fact deprivation. Emotion-based outrage. (15/04/22 12:43:00)
    The survival strategy for people is trekking towards top-down systems where others tell them what to say and think. Find some easily-definable minority group to blame for all the ills you need to find a scapegoat for. Trans people, gay people, woke people, atheists, heretics, wealthy, work-shy, immigrants, asylum seekers, drug addicts.

    Putin had been preparing the Ukraine aggression for years, maybe from the very beginning. Still there are people who claim that his demands be legitimate.

    So populism - yes. But populism without paid shills and useful idiots (maybe just shills in disguise) are useless for the purpose. I'd say: Go for the shills first, then the useful idiots (if any). I think populism is less of a worry: If nobody feeds it, it will dwindle and die.

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Mediastream overload. Fact deprivation. Emotion-based outrage.