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The war of Russian succession (28/04/22 15:49:10)
    History does not repeat itself - how could it - when technology and knowledge develop independently in potential enemy countries - but historical parallels might be a thing.

    So - when Russia has lost WWIII - the struggle between a major reactionary tyranny and the post-enlightenment West - there is a time to consolidate. At best this would be done by nuclear disarmament and splitting up of Russia. But China ould be more than willing to act as scavenger when the West, led by heroic Ukraine, has flattened the Russian military. So there might be armed conflict. Japan, too, might take an interest too, as we can see in the verbal activities regarding the Kuril islands.

    We might have a parallel: The Spanish war of succession.

    "Although weakened by over a century of continuous conflict, in 1700 the Spanish Empire remained a global power with its vast dominions including the Spanish Netherlands, large parts of Italy, the Philippines, and much of the Americas. Charles's closest heirs were members of the Austrian Habsburgs or French Bourbons; acquisition of an undivided Spanish Empire by either threatened the European balance of power."


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The war of Russian succession