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Another historic parallel (29/04/22 09:55:00)
    "The Kremlin midget(s)" - not my term, but that ofRussian military critics of the failed Ukrainian campaign. "How much losses need to be sustained before the KM admit that the war was a failure?"

    So we could look back into history for Napoleon Bonaparte - another ultimate failure

    "His supposedly small stature and fiery temper has inspired the term the Napoleon Complex, a popular belief that short men tend to compensate for their lack of height through domineering behavior and aggression."

    "Gillray’s image of Napoleon as a small man was so popular that other cartoonists took it up. An anonymous 1811 cartoon, “Bony's visions or a great little man's night comforts,” shows Napoleon having night terrors as the cracks in his empire had begun to show. Among the many fearful figures swirling around him, a demon holds up a placard inscribed with the horrors of political satire, among which “Gilray's Caricatures” is listed."


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Another historic parallel