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Who owns the AI?  (23/05/22 08:04:49)
    The quick and easy and correct (?) answer: institutions with money. Having money is the basis for all power - the clean as well as the dirty ones (if it is possible to tell the difference).

    In a recent interview,


    elaborated that he had been fooled, stated that the West just had their eyes opened three months ago, and said something like

    There is no such thing as a good tsar.

    I think he is right. But the trait is present everywhere, with different words: Have no other gods than me. The jealousy of politicians towards or administrators towards locally powerful persons (in business, in politics, in arts, in science and academia) is amazing.

    I think the development in use of surveillance cameras in public areas is a good illustration. Face recognition. Vehicle recognition. Telephone tracing. The reasons or excuses may seem legitimate, but the potential for abuse, in the shape of political suppression, is immense.

    And even the most democratic country has politicians who argue for sending the system on the slippery slope towards the Chinese type of police state. Of course they will never admit it.

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Who owns the AI?