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Predicting the future: Oracles, soothsayers (humans and machines) (23/05/22 17:38:20)
    - Artificial "intelligence" which is only based upon statistical chewing of large materials seem to have no understanding and no discernible method in their analyses or predictions. It's a black box. So faking or poisoning will be near impossible to detect. IMO no such systems should be certified for real-world use - but OKed for scientific purposes like classifying celestial objects. The sheer number of such objects is too high to enable visual operator-based methods.

    Self-driving cars? Radar, multiple optical megapixel full-spectrum wide-angle sensors, ultrasound sensors - and ultrarapid picture and pattern recognition with ability to reconsider after jack-in-the-box events.


    Sifting through a statistics database will be waaaaay too slow.

    Carl Barks had a Gyro Gearloose story about predictions made by machine intelligence. The conclusion was: You have to ask the right questions, otherwise the replies will lead you into disaster.

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Predicting the future: Oracles, soothsayers (humans and machines)