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The recycling society: Zinc (24/05/22 15:29:31)
    Protection of steel

    "When a hot-dip galvanized object leaves the zinc bath the surface of the object is immediately attacked by oxygen in the air. The resultant oxide layer has very little ability to protect against corrosion. However, water and carbon dioxide in the air quickly change the oxide layer to zinc carbonates. These give a sealed layer with very good adhesion. Since the carbonates have very low solubility in water they give excellent protection to the surface of the zinc coating. The original shiny surface with a metallic lustre disappears to be replaced by matt, light grey colour (fig.1)."


    Recycling happens. But is it enough?

    "The uses of zinc have not significantly changed over time; however, refined zinc consumption has more than doubled in the last 40 years to over 13 million tonnes annually. The majority of this growth has occurred in applications with long effective lifetimes, such as galvanizing, where these products may stay in service up to 100 years."


    "Reserves of zinc – like those of any natural resource – are not a fixed amount stored in nature. Reserves are determined by geology and the interaction of economics, technology and politics. The term Reserves denotes the portion of resources that has been mapped and measured and which may be used, now or in the future."


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The recycling society: Zinc