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Re: Why? (29/05/22 07:57:36)
    In American films or books the prototypical psychiatrist is a neurotic well-to-do patient sitting out of sight of the coach-lying patient and saying "hmmmm" as response to the ramblings of the patient. This obviously is some sort of sinecure job.

    "an office, carrying a salary or otherwise generating income, that requires or involves little or no responsibility, labour, or active service"


    Those most in need of qualified heavyweight professional services: I'd say keywords are aggression, rejection, violence, addiction, defective or criminal social network, poverty, lack of acceptable role models.

    Working with such patients or clients or whatever they are called nowadays: it must be exhausting, frustrating and increasing the risk of burnout in the therapist. So, seeking other areas to work in is a self-preserving strategy for those in that type of therapeutic professions.

    Trying to improve defective persons is too risky, but success could really have saved the world.


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Re: Why?