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After the war: The widows and the fatherless (31/05/22 16:31:10)
    After some decades of experience I believe I have background for having an opinion about the role of fathers in families: They are needed and useful. When they are absent - from death, from divorce, from imprisonment - the children will not have ready access to a father figure. The mothers will not have the deep voice, the strength to restrain violence, or the strength to give the real bear hugs that sometimes will resolve a violent or emotional situation. The boys will need it to learn what can be done and what should not be done, and the girls may learn what to seek in men (because they like it) or shun (if they hate it).

    I've seen undiagnpsed victims of different sorts of fatherlessness all the way from WWI (children of sailors who fell victim to the U-boat war).

    Are Putin's wars really only the envious revenge of a fatherless?
    Can real help be given to the indiect victims of Putin's aggression, once the weapon supplies are not needed any more, and even before? First: Could someone find out how many?

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After the war: The widows and the fatherless