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Which are the father functions that fatherless risk not learning? (02/06/22 16:00:33)
    I have tried searching: tried to find qualified accounts; research papers or compilations of research, of the nontangible and non-quantifiable and non-measurable day-to-day aspects of fathering: what is there to learn from fathers? I have found stuff about the (measurable) socioeconomic effects of losing a father in a patriarchal system where the father provides all the money. That's tangible. Or - from American studies, where attention seems concentrated on dysfunctional families where divorce is the mechanism for the loss of the father. There are the believers. The Christians - who unashamedly put God into the mix.

    What strikes me most is the obsoleteness of the information, and its character of being obsessively retrospective. So there is nothing about the way to plan a life in the modern time.

    I need a pause


    (Stomu Yamashta's Red Buddha Theatre - The Man From The East LP (Full Album) 1973

    "What a way to live in modern times" -- 13:30->15:30)

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Which are the father functions that fatherless risk not learning?